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Internal Corrosion

For internal corrosion we have an excellent and experienced team of professionals that clearly understand the oil and gas production process from the reservoir through all the sub-surface and surface installations.

  • We have excellent experience understanding and simulating  multiphase flows and how these types of flows affect the integrity of the installations. This knowledge has allowed us to make the recommendations that are cost effective in the protection of the asset’s mechanical integrity as well as optimizing the location for the monitoring and inspection of the important variables that affect it.

  • Excellent knowledge and experience in tackling downhole integrity issues for Natural, Artificial Lift Systems for conventional and non-conventional wells.

  • Upstream corrosion management is our specialty.

  • Developed proprietary and proven Risk Based Assessment methodology for the evaluation, development and implementation of Asset Integrity Management Systems  following international guidelines such as PAS 55 and NACE IMPACT.

  • Developed our own software for the evaluation of internal corrosion.

  • Have provided technical input for the evaluation of determination of failures causes.

  • Perform material selection and develop  metallurgical diagrams during FEED and Operations

  • In-situ fluid testing for Internal Corrosion Assessment

  • Integrity evaluation - NACE (AMPP) Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment (ICDA) methods.

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