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Our integrated services range from conceptual idea to planning and final execution in offshore projects. We can assist you with detailed design as well as engineering and project management for final installation.

  • We perform all underwater engineering work, offering services diferent services like:

    • Commercial diving

    • Sub-aquatic inspection NDT Level III (MP, UT)

    • Construction Inspection Audits

    • Inspection with underwater robotics

    • Underwater topography and hydrography

    • Satellite geodesy in real time

    • Positioning and layout of structures

    • Cathodic protection and anode supply

    • Subsea anode installation on ships and docks

    • Underwater repairs pipes & connectors with “subconn technology”

    • Underwater surveys and vessel positioning Positioning of offshore barges

    • Inspection of terminals and springs Installation, maintenance and repair of mooring buoys and monobuoy

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